Life is Busy. And that’s OK…..

Our managers have started running the park for us 5 days a week, which is great. But I’m busier now than I ever was! I don’t know how stay at home mums do it! The social calendar has been out of control for the last month, but thankfully it is slowing down. I really look forward to my ‘work’ days so that I stay home and get stuff (not sewing) done!

I realised I had been neglecting my sewing/knitting/crocheting big time! But on the plus side, I’ve been doing yoga, meditating and spending some quality time with the fam. I decided last week to have a sewing day (or two). The house was neglected and looked as if several bombs went off all at the same time. Hubby and kids had no vegetables or salad for dinner two nights running – I think they had fish and chips one night and a sausage sizzle the next, or even pizza. There were no complaints anyway!

So I sat down with all the projects I wanted to start, finish or play around with. I cut up a heap of old bath mats to sew back together to make one big one – Yes, I know you can buy mega towels, but have had this in mind for so long, I just needed to give it ago. But buggar me, I broke about 7 needles for the machine, and I’ve also done something to the knife on mums overlocker. Tits.


Ok, well I’ll finish the knitted bag I had been doing. Yep done, lining done! Just need the handles to be delivered and that will be good. It’s a lot chunkier than I thought, which is fine, but I’m not in love with it. In love with the lining, but not the bag as a whole. So might see who wants to buy it! Being that there was a massive sale at Spotlight, I restocked a heap of wool and cast on another bag! Bone coloured and lighter weight wool, this is looking great though at least the chunky wool kinda hid the holes where you cable. I did accomplish learning cable though so I can check that off the list.

Finally cast on MIL’s scarf, found some grey wool and am just doing an easy rib stitch scarf which I will twist and sew together to make a cowl when it’s finished. Love this as it’s easy, I can do it in front of the TV and I’m back to using circular needles which I really enjoy.

The La Pass unfortunately has come to a bit of a standstill. I’ve been writing contracts and doing lots of office work, and the la pass just come to a stop. I have done a couple more smaller rosettes, or the start of them, but I need to get my ‘sewjo’ back – love this saying, one of the quilters I follow recently posted this on Instagram.

We are off on a long holiday in two weeks, so plenty of sitting in the car getting to where we are going, sitting on the beach, by the pool, on the deck etc etc so hopefully I will have more progress to show you soon! Yes, hopefully I can show you progress, not new projects 😉

S x




Never ending or never not starting!

So my MIL called me last week and said ‘Sammi, um,have you got any knitting projects on the go at the moment’ and whilst I tried my best not to laugh my reply was ‘Ma, I have about 17 projects on the go at the moment, but no, no knitting projects’!

I have one now. A beanie and a scarf. Nothing to hard, long or complex which is great. Makes you feel good I reckon when you cast on, knit knit knit, and voila, you are done! And it acts as a present too kind of. Well you are giving someone something in which they will use and hopefully love. Too bad mothers day has passed. WAIT – MIL birthday hasn’t hee hee hee.

As time seems to have escaped me and my writing I must have been too busy sewing right? Hmmmm possibly.

The Country Charmer Christmas quilt blocks are all ready – just need to go shopping (hahaha if I had a dollar everytime I said or thought ‘I need more material’) for a dark red to finish the sashing between the blocks.


My La Passacaglia is getting there, I have had ‘quilters block’ a couple of times, and have started trying to piece the quilt together as to get a better idea of what colours I am going to use next. I am still loving the adventure that this is!



Hope you didn’t strain your neck turning it one way or the other! I quite often update my La Pass journey on Instagram – @l_is_for_lambert

I have completed a Christmas Cross Stitch. Loving that my home will have so many more hand made decorations this year! I really enjoy mixing up my projects, the cross stich needle I used felt quite thick in my fingers compared to the tiny needle I am using for the hand piecing!


Sheesh, I really need to take my photos the right way around huh! So now just to get these beauties framed.

The colour wash hexie Baby Love Brand Geometric rug is still there unfinished. Although I just dragged her out on the weekend as we went on a road trip so my son could play football at the half time break of our West Coast Eagles home game. (He was a star BTW). 5 hours in the car each way, and I managed to get into the rhythm of it again. Although I think I will take out that purply/pink hex at the top and move it over to the dark blues. I’ve decided to keep it to pastel in the middle. Do you know what that means? Wool shopping!!!


So, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have quite a few things unfinished and on the go all at once. But hey, variety is the spice of life right???

S x



Hello my Friends!

Wowsers, seems I have been MIA a little or a lot!

Progress is getting there on the La Passacaglia, it’s such a long process but totally going to be worth it! While I love what I have done, and get excited every time I think of the next rosette I’m going to do, I am stalking the hell out of Instagram and Pinterest collecting ideas and inspiration.

If you follow me on Instagram @l_is_for_lambert you will have seen these updates, I can’t help but show them off!

A couple of my  favourite La Passacaglias I have found so far have all the stars in black and white – makes for a great contrast! And others obviously have done this sort of thing before and have chosen a line of fabrics and used them so the obviously all blend together beautifully. It’s a little frustrating in that although I love what I have done, I am already thinking of the next one or two I ever do. Maybe.

And then little things happen. Like I ran out of glue. Buggar. So I went on and have done a heap more of my Country Charmer Christmas Quilt. That’s still not finished but we are getting there.

My best friend visited from the East Coast, so I shot down to the city to catch up with her and meet her newest addition. Took my little ratbag with me, and decided I just needed to spend some quality time with him – SO NO SEWING! And you know what, it actually is what we all needed. I’ve been so patient since I’ve been back, and feel like we have all re-set.

I am itching to get back into some knitting or crocheting though, just to mix it up a bit, so I might even dedicated this weekend to getting a move on on my hexagon colourwash rug that is in need of some attention!

Long weekend here in WA, yahoo! But it does mean the park will be busy, but since there is only so much you can do with no glue…….

Happy weekend everyone!






Rosette No 1.

So here it is – the first finished Rosette for my La Passacaglia.


Love it. I am loving this whole not knowing what the next one is going to finish like. I have already unpicked and made a few changes to several of the rosettes. Still addicted. Just went to the patchwork shop and picked up a few new materials to add to mums giveaway stash 🙂


Now I’m all for getting myself a fussy cutting mirror! My mind simply hasn’t quite made the connection of looking at a pattern or piece of material and then exploding with possibilities.  I usually cut out what I think is going to work, then find that if I twist and turn it it looks even better – but by then I haven’t enough material to fussy cut the right amount.

So not much else is on the radar for now – this is taking up bulk of my time. Although, I am waiting for the post for some more templates, it might be back to the Christmas Tree quilt or that new one I’ve been waiting to do……

A rainy day is a great day to finish a book.

The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton.

One of the books I grabbed in haste at the book shop! The start of the book frustrated me, and to be totally honest I had dreams about what I was reading for the first few nights. It obviously stirred something up in my sub conscious.

Yasmin, the lead character takes her daughter who is 10 into the unknown of Northern Alaska, in the middle of winter, looking for her husband that she has been told died in a fire. Grief overtakes Yasmin and she doesn’t believe the police and makes a plan to find Matt(her husband) herself, however this means hitching a lift in a truck carrying a house, then driving it herself, in the middle of a storm.

I’m not sure if it was her courageousness, her drive  to find her husband – that she was in denial about having passed –  or her blatant disregard for the safety of her child Ruby, who I have failed to mention is deaf.

They push forwards being chased by someone unknown, and challenged by the weather, darkness and cold of Northern Alaska in winter. I struggled a bit reading the parts of the book written in Ruby’s view simply because it is written like a 10 year old. So I guess that means it is written really well from that point of view!

I did like how it bought attention to so much that is going on in our world – the wars and the environmental issues, sustainability to a degree of our natural resources and also just the every day living through tough times in our marriages.

I feel that the end seemed to come to climax really quickly and then it was over. I wasn’t ready for the end to arrive so soon I think.


I have joined a book club! First meeting tomorrow night, first book – Defending Jacob, so stay tuned, I may have a couple of books a month now to review (if my sewing doesn’t take over!!)

Totally Addicted…..

Never have I ever been so addicted to something without having the means to start it! In my previous post I mentioned that I was going to start, or did start a La Passacaglia quilt by Willnye Hammerstein. As I was impatiently waiting for my books and templates to come I was trolling through Pinterest and Instagram loving the whole idea of this quilt. It seriously took over my life!!

But it’s not just this quilt in particular. If anyone had of told me a year ago, when my renewed interest in all things crafted was rekindled, that I would be hand sewing and enjoying it – I’m sure I would have died laughing. Needless to say I love it! And I’m addicted – I think it’s because it’s like a jigsaw puzzle, putting all those pieces together and planning the next round or material or border etc.

Whilst waiting for my packs to come (we are 56km from our postal box, so I was asking everyone going to town to check my mail!), I got to and started my Christmas Tree quilt. I got the idea from a magazine, and the progress is going well. I can see that my stitching has got so much better, and as mentioned before, I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying it!

If you follow me on Instagram (@l_is_for_lambert) you’ll see that I jumped on to the Millefiori Train as soon as I got my bits and pieces. I love the planning, and the putting together materials you wouldn’t normally put together and the result! Although I will say that not being a perfectionist in most areas of my life – this is driving me a little bit cray cray!


With the park (our caravan park) having been bursting at the seems for the school holidays, and ANZAC Day weekend, we’ve had mass exodus today, so we should see a couple of weeks of little action around the traps which means more time to sew YIPPEE! Now just to make time to get to the patchwork shop and stock up on some yummy fabrics to keep this La Pass wheel turning.

Can’t believe my left shoulder is so sore from this sewing work! Will have to work on my posture – or just have a massage a week haha 🙂



A (good) Book on the side?

I remember as a kid getting lost amongst the Famous Five, the Magic Faraway Tree, Point Fiction by R.L.Stine and Christopher Pike and I believe it really did shape my brain for the better!

I’ve always continued being an avid reader, but always tending to stick to the same authors and genres, and once I found one I love, buying and reading all the books they’ve written!

Just recently I had a dilemma whilst ‘cleaning’ up the house. All my books were getting so dusty just sitting on my book shelf. What was I to do with them? I thought about donating them, passing them on to friends, hospitals in the book exchange in my office. No, I ended up making room for them – even though I very, very rarely read a book more than once (I think maybe only 2 ever from memory).

Hearing of friends that go to book clubs or have joined a book club intrigued and interested me, however, living so far from a town or city that idea was a bit out of my reach. I wanted to expand my reading into new genres and authors, so on a recent surprise trip overseas, after stumbling through immigration, I found myself in the good old airport bookshop.

I bought 10  books! Quickly scanning the blurb on the back and thinking – just get it and think about it later. Sitting poolside in Bali, I had a good look at what I had bought. Hmmmm, apart from the new Paulina Simmons book Lone Star, I thought it was possible if I wasn’t in such a haste (and possibly severely hung over) I probably wouldn’t have looked at most of these books twice. But that was the sub-conscious plan right?

After finishing the last of my Women’s Murder Club, I wanted to get right on to this. And decided that maybe I would review my books online for anyone else that wanted to discuss, share, or just find a good read! So please come back often – I will give my opinion as I read, and hopefully give you a good idea if it is something you would like to read too! Please forgive me, I haven’t oft written reviews and will just type as it comes to mind 🙂

Not being able to actually decide on a book – I just thrust my hand in the bag and pulled one out –

A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman

Wow. Really a character called Marvellous Ways? When I read the first few pages, I really struggled to be honest. I felt that there were all these words to describe on little detail or surroundings or a person. But before you knew it I was on page 27, still thinking hmmmmmm I’m not really sure about this, but knowing that I wasn’t going to put it down until I had finished it. It took me 2 days. Granted I had all day poolside to read it, but in the end found all the characters, even Mrs Hard from the bakery that is only mentioned a handful of times, just so enchanting and interesting and I felt like I was a part of that village way back when. It’s so flowy and really is a beautiful read.

Marvellous Ways is an old lady waiting for something. She just doesn’t know what. She’s eccentric and so are many of the characters of the book that weave their way into each others lives for a reason, as do people in our lives. This is an enchanting story of the twists and turns in life, and how fate plays out in each of the characters lives.

Seriously considering reading When God was a Rabbit by the Sara also, but I have a few more to get through first.

Rating this one 9/10

The Evening Spider by Emily Arsenault

Again as my hand pulled out this book, I thought great, I’m not a fan of reading about eras bygone (but I am testing myself here because I loved The Bronze Horsman trilogy so I should stop saying that!).

The story is based on a real murder trial of the 1800’s in America, and other historical institutions.

Present day mum Abby is a new mum and adjusting to this when she is entranced with the story of Frances Bennett who kept a journal and lived in her house in the 1800’s.  Flipping between Frances’ journal and present day Abby keeps you turning pages so long as you don’t get to creeped or spooked out!

This did keep my interested the whole time, but I found myself flipping back to old journal entries, and pages where I thought – hang on, has this been mentioned before, which was to a degree a bit annoying. I loved the climax though of the storylines interweaving but was a bit disappointed with the ending. Some people I’ve deduced love an ending where your imagination or mind even has decided what happened, I think I’ve grown used to all the facts, figures and absolute closure when a book finishes that I forgot how to embrace this sort of an ending.

Giving this a 7/10

Stay tuned for more reviews – and please if you can advise how I can review these better let me know!!